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The Kaufman Fund is a charitable organization formed to assist and benefit Veterans who are having difficulties in their transition period back into civilian life. Along those lines, the Kaufman Fund has determined that many veterans have legal issues which cover a broad range of issues, both Criminal and Civil. These veterans oftentimes have a limited ability to pay for even minimum legal services.

In an effort to assist these Veterans, The Kaufman Fund is partnering with St. Francis Community Services, Veterans Advocacy Project and Legal Services of Eastern Missouri Inc. (herein referred to as Partners), exclusively for those Veterans in need. It is the mission of this program to provide eligible Veterans with legal services, either Pro Bono, or at a significantly reduced fee. The type of legal services to be provided will depend upon the nature of the matter and the Court that has jurisdiction over such cases. Generally, legal matters in Federal court will not be included, except Bankruptcies.

We are seeking attorneys who would be willing to be on a list of providers and accept case referrals. Whether the services are to be Pro Bono, or at a reduced fee, depends upon each Veteran’s particular financial circumstances. In some instances, The Kaufman Fund may pay court costs and filing fees, when appropriate and if funds are available.

The initial Veteran referral would come to The Kaufman Fund from Partners, who will first determine if the Veteran is eligible for their services. When a Partner determines the Veteran is not eligible for their services that Veteran’s information will be forwarded to The Kaufman Fund Veterans Legal Referral Program. The Program administrator will then forward that Veteran’s information to an attorney on the list of The Kaufman Fund providers.

The list of Providers will be separated into practice areas. The referrals will be on a rotating basis, in order to even out the system and not place an undue burden on the Volunteers. After screening, the Attorney would either accept or reject the assignment. Thereafter, if accepted, The Kaufman Fund would have no further involvement in the matter. The Attorney would proceed upon the terms and conditions he/she arranges with the Veteran. The exception to the rule is if the Attorney contacts The Kaufman Fund to determine if funds might be available for filing fees and court costs. Financial involvement by The Kaufman Fund would depend entirely upon budgetary requirements and available funds at that time.

If you are willing to participate in this Veterans Program please complete the necessary information below with your signature and return this to our address. Thank you.

If you have any questions contact Wayne Kaufman at Wayne@thekaufmanfund.org.


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