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Mental Health Collaborative

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The Kaufman Fund Creates Mental Health Collaborative To Save Lives

Every day approximately 20 veterans die of suicide in the United States. Of those Veterans who die of suicide, 14 of them are not enrolled in the VA healthcare system. In addition, 40,000 Veterans are homeless in our country in any given night.  A majority of these Veterans are suffering from mental illness. As a society, we have an obligation to help and improve the lives of those who served us and our country. 

The Kaufman Fund recognizes this need and is doing something about it that can save and hopefully enhance the lives of local Veterans. The Kaufman Fund recreated a new Mental Health Collaborative with qualified local social workers, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists who will provide help for Veterans of all ages by creating access to qualified mental health care. Care for Veterans, along with children, spouses, and/or partners may be included. These services will be either pro bona or at a minimal charge. Already, several local agencies with certified mental health counselors have become partners within this collaborative.

Community Mental Health connections to The Kaufman Fund and the VA

Veterans Access choice and accountability act

However, if a Veteran is in immediate mental crisis, they, or part of a family of a Veteran in need, can call the VA Crisis hotline at any time. Call 988 and Press 1, Text 838255, or visit www.veteranscrisisline.net for additional information.

In a non-emergency situation, a Veteran and/or surrogate can call 314-680-2905 for a local mental health referral. It will be our objective to quickly secure the appropriate mental health professional to match him/her with the Veteran who needs assistance, ASAP

If you have any questions, please email MHC@thekaufmanfund.org or call 314-384-2296.

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