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Veterans Legal Referral Program

The Kaufman Fund Veterans Legal Referral Program


Free or Low Cost Legal Assistance for Veterans

The Kaufman Fund Veterans Legal Referral Program strives to fill the gap in legal services available to Veterans. We collaborate with support agencies serving veterans in the area to identify the most needed legal services. We provide assistance to those who do not qualify for aid from other agencies through referrals to volunteer attorneys in private practice.

The Kaufman Fund Veterans Legal Referral Program provides legal assistance in the following areas:


  • Divorce, Legal Separation, Modification, Paternity, Contempt, including Child Custody, Support & Maintenance.
  • Guardianship, Adoption
  • Criminal, including Felonies, Misdeameanors, Traffic, in State, County and Municipal Court
  • Landlord/Tenant, Rent & Possession, Evictions, Creditor/Debtor Rights & Bankruptcy
  • Employment/Labor Law
  • Wills, Trusts, Probate Matters
  • Other

Veterans in need of legal assistance click here.

If you are an attorney who would be willing to be on a list of providers and accept case referrals, please fill out and submit our Attorney referral form

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