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The Kaufman Fund is dedicated to helping Veterans and children in need. We strive to bring the Veteran community together to help those in need of housing, counseling, healthcare, rehabilitation, and legal needs. Over the past few years, we have created new programs that are making a difference in the lives of Veterans and children in the St Louis area. These programs are:


  • Food For Vets- The Kaufman Fund is proud to announce the creation of our fifth program, "Food for Vets" to give food to our deserving Veterans in need. Working with our partners, we expect to impact hundreds of Veteran families this year.
  • Mental Health Collaborative-  The Kaufman Fund created a collaborative in the St Louis area to provide help to Veterans of all ages by improving access to clinical services and mental health needs for Veterans and their families
  • Dental Program- The Kaufman Fund and local dentists created this program for Veterans in need of dental work that they can't afford on their own.
  • Legal Program- The Kaufman Fund established a Legal Program to address the needs and assist local Veterans to solve legal issues which are impacting their life.


Below are some of the great charities who work hard in and around the St Louis area to be there when our Veterans and children need them the most. If you don't see the resource that you are in need of, feel free to call us and we will do our best to help you. 

Veterans Resources Categories

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Enhances & safeguards the entitlements for all American Veterans who have served honorably and to improve the quality of life for them, their families & community. Providing Free help on compensation claims.


Fosters comraderie among Veterans of overseas conflicts. To advocate  on behalf of all Veterans. Offers a wide range of assistance programs such as filing or appealing a VA claim. 

* Criminal Justice Ministry

Our mission is to improve our communities by supporting and empowering those impacted by incarceration. We operate a special program called Vets 4 Pets.


Provides free, professional assistance to Veterans to connect them to healthcare, disability, employment, education and financial benefits they have earned through military service.

* Fisher House-STL

“The Fisher House provides warm, caring and comfortable lodging, meals and incidentals at no charge to the families and caregivers of hospitalized Military Members and Veterans.”

HUMANA - for Veterans who are seniors

Humana offers Medicare Advantage plans to complement health care provided through the Va or even on your own. Most of these plans have a premium reduction of $40/month for Veterans. Humana is committed to Veterans & their families.

* The Heideman Group 42

We are a group of Mortgage Advisors that provide each of our clients with a personalized loan strategy. Through our Heroes Program, we provide up to $1500 in closing cost credits to Veterans.  

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